F G Davis


F G Davis trained at The Harris College, Lancaster College of Art, Alnwick College and Plymouth University gaining a Master’s Degree in Art in 2001.

He divides his time living in Devon and France being actively involved in painting and exhibiting with a group of artists from throughout Europe. He has had innumerable one man shows throughout the UK and France and his work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy, in Liberty’s, Harrods and Heals Galleries and other numerous prestigious galleries.

His work has the exuberance, vitality and strong use of colour combined with a confident and innovative use of mixed media that is a reflection of his personality and approach towards life.

An exciting artist who’s work doesn’t merely take space on the wall, but makes that space come alive, provokes thought and becomes one with the people who keep it in their care.


“The City that Never Sleeps” Original Mixed Media Framed size: 60 x 60cms Price: £950