Roy Walker

Roy Walker made an outstanding contribution to the arts in Cornwall and particularly in St Ives where he achieved an impressive reputation as an artist, painter and print maker. Roy also helped produce prints for many of Cornwall’s leading artists, including Bryan Pearce and John Wells.

Roy was a flamboyant character, with a warm, generous nature. He spent almost every day of his life painting and was totally absorbed in his work. Roy refused to be confined by the usual artistic restraints and was always searching for different ways to express himself. His early experiences are clearly seen in the shapes that constantly reappear throughout his work, his love of form, colour and light are a recurring theme. Although he was especially renowned for his figurative work and etchings, his artistic style was totally eclectic. He was continually experimenting with different mediums and styles. His later work even began to exceed the confines of his studio, as he worked on a larger and larger scale.