Jane Delaney

Warwickshire born Jane Delaney is a professional watercolour artist whose paintings have brought her both national and international acclaim over the last 30 years.

Having proven her career as a successful graphic designer Jane quickly established her artistic reputation and now divides her time working out of her Stratford upon Avon studio and Brittany, France, exhibiting her paintings nationally and internationally.

Jane’s paintings show all the skill and technical detail that is reminiscent of her graphic design influence but are imbued with a vibrancy and quality of ‘paint handling’ that is little seen today. Her coastal works have water that is not only translucent but seems to be moving and fluid, leaving the viewer wishing to reach out and touch – the combination of high detail, vibrant colour and tactile quality make Jane’s work outstanding in its portrayal of many of the beach and coastal scenes with which we are familiar.