Jim Rodgers

Jim has been an artist in Cornwall for the past 12 years. Having spent fifty years working in his own antique business he decided he would follow his passion for art which was influenced by artists such as Daphne Mcclure, John Bellamy, Linda Weir, Nicole Bealing, Joan Gillchrest, Fred Yates and a little more obscurely Stanley Spencer.

Jim considers himself as a ‘Naïve’ and resolved to develop his own style rather than take lessons which might influence him –  a very brave move!!

All of his paintings are painted in very thick oil paint with a loose and impulsive application of paint to canvas – bright and vibrant reflecting a love of ‘the immediate’, vitality and colour and very much representational of the St Ives arts culture. He very much feels that this brings out the colours and textures of a landscape and people that he came to thirty years ago and was much influenced by Fred Yates with a tendency towards Outsider Art as exemplified by Madge Gill.

One of Jim’s paintings on the wall will certainly bring a smile to the face – even on the most gloomy of days, when we need to remember the bright light and laughter from either our childhood or summer holidays which we had hoped would never end.

Jim is also a member of The Assoc’ of British Naive Artists.