Katherine Virgils

Studied painting followed by a Post-Graduate degree from the Royal College of Art. Working in the Print and tapestry department she expanded her techniques and developed her exploration of the use of different mediums, increasingly using paper in her artworks to create a textural feel.

Katherine has traveled extensively for her research, she is also a member of the Royal Geographical Society.

Her work on paper is influenced by both architecture and archaeology and she feels conveys the magnificence of ancient heritage as well as expressing its fragility.

Katherine’s interests range from the abstract to figurative depictions of different cultures, including Mayan temples and ruins, Mogul architecture and Byzantine iconography.

Hers is a need to produce a work that combines a practical understanding of the architectural process with the tactile qualities of materials used and combining the ‘concrete’ with a spiritual dimension.

SOLD………”Series of Elevation Drawings on Paper with Wax & Paint” Framed size: 20″ x 17″ 1981