Susan Meyerhoff Sharples

Based in the Wirral Sue is a multi-faceted & multi-talented artist who’s paint based and sculptural artworks have received both UK and International acclaim.

Cornish Landscape Series

Sue’s interest in this series lies in the entirety of the subject – the interaction of all the elements – light, land, sea and sky.

Her initial work was for many years influenced by the urban landscape which dominated her childhood, but more recently her work reflects the physical and emotional experience of Cornwall with seascapes that exude a romantic notion of space & freedom, but also which are embued with the transitory view and unpredictability of the landscape.

Her Coast series defines her response to the light and heightened colour, unique to the area, with slices of colour tearing through the sea and sky, reflecting the ambiguous beauty and changing moods which she sees and experiences.

The Coast series features work both in Acrylics and Oil – the acrylic allowing loose, expressive works, whilst the oils being more focused on a more considered application – surface texture and mark-making with areas of the painting having a sense of opacity, hinting at things hidden beneath a deceptively simple representation of the environment.